QNXT eXtended Integration™ (QXI) Web Services

  • medium-three-computer-right-jpg-362x246QNXT Extended Integration (QXI) Web Services provide your organization with the tools to integrate QNXT with multiple systems.


    Managing healthcare information can be an unwieldy task—and the complexity is compounded when information needs to flow across multiple systems.

    QNXT™ QXI simplifies IT challenges by providing a set of Web services that enables QNXT application users to integrate multiple IT applications rapidly and flexibly. QXI lets you quickly access, search and update information stored within the QNXT system, and then deliver that data to other business applications.

    An add-on to the TriZetto QNXT core administration system, QXI is built on service-oriented architecture to deliver superior interoperability. QXI simplifies data management within QNXT, providing nine services and more than 80 underlying operations that retrieve, return and write information from the QNXT system, including:

    • Benefit plan information
    • Case data
    • Claims data
    • Financial information
    • Member information
    • Provider and affiliate information
    • Referral and pre-authorization information
    • Group and employer information
    • Configuration information